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"Wake You" is a song with a simple message: Wake up! Get out of your head.

A lot of ancient (and modern) teachings talk about the fact that the present moment is all we have. The future is just an idea. The past is already gone. All we truly have is what's here now, and our sense of time is actually an illusion created by our minds.

Our natural tendency is to want to get somewhere else, but since everything happens now, it's not possible to make it somewhere else. The future only happens now. If we don't embrace the present moment as it is, we could spend our whole lives searching for fulfillment where we'll never find it – outside of ourselves.

"Waking up" means becoming aware of our experience like a newborn. Noticing our mind perpetually tugging at our attention – trying to pull us away from this moment. We can choose to let it go and be here now. That's when you discover that you are good enough the way you are – you always have been.

From that standpoint, life becomes a lot more fun. It's no longer about the endpoint, but the journey. That's the foundation for true, lasting success and happiness.
"Be what you're seeking." - Mahatma Ghandi
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Creative Cooking Solutions
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Better Baking Tips and Tricks
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TIER 4 - Jun zi
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TIER 5 - Vermillion
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