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Fifi Rong
Chinese-British Avant-Pop
 Vocalist / Songwriter / Producer
Music was once an impossible dream. 

But now, it’s my calling to bring my Chinese Heritage infused Avant-Pop music onto the world stage, and help as many other independent artists as possible along the way.

Having chosen to be a full-time independent music artist, FREEDOM is my top value in every sense of the word.

 With no middlemen and no filter, I blend Avant-Pop, Alt R&B, Ambient Electronica, and dark UK underground sounds with a tint of Vermilion in my blood. 

So journey with me for full of adventures ahead!

fifi xx<3
Falling madly in love with the present...

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Hear what members are saying about the Team Fifinity 
"Fun and friendly community bought together by love of the music and personality of Fifi Rong. Members are of all ages and come from all round the world showing just how appealing Fifi and her music are."

- Jeff A. from London, UK
"Fifinity is one and only... Great music, awesome artist and much more... I'm Rong, you're Rong, We are all Rong."

- Mateusz W. from Hammelburg, Germany
"Team Fifinity is an ideal place to experience the talent, the energy, and the beautiful spirit of Fifi Rong. People from around the world, from all walks of life, from all ages have been drawn here because of the magic of Fifi Rong. I have yet to witness any negativity or mean-spiritedness here; Team Fifinity, I believe, has the potential of becoming a family."

- Bruce S. from Pennsylvania, USA
"Sublime music. Great community, which includes interesting updates and interactions amongst the fans. Everyone is very friendly. Get your questions and comments being answered by Fifi Rong!"

- Slav V. from Chicago, USA
"Why to join Fifinity Team? Many reasons for this, but in my opinion the keyword is energy! Only good vibes there, Fifi is disposable for her fans as I never seen before on social medias, (not kidding), always kind with everyone and really worry about us all. We love you Fifi!"

- Eric H. from Caen, France
"People together sharing their passion/interest/love for the arts. Loads of fun activities u can participate in. Everyone in the community is very friendly and welcoming."

- Ant S. from London, UK
"Team Fifinity is a group where you can actually hang out and discuss the artistry that is Fifi Rong's music as well as celebrate all of the other beautiful things in our world with her Amazing Fans!"

- Andrew M. from Texas, USA
"Fifi Rong' voice and music create such a mystical etheric atmosphere that provides a euphoric feeling to the soul. Also, Fifi is extremely interactive and personal on her community page which is refreshing and rewarding to all of us who love her music."

- James C. from Jacksonville, USA
"I became a member of team fifinity with art collaboration purposes in mind.
I was welcomed into the world of FIFi and the team fifinity is much more than an average Fan Page
It’s a community of people who love Fifi’s but it’s much more that that A bunch of likeminded people from around the world who all get to see a lot more of what makes FIFI RONG. Personal insights, livestream hang outs, regular competitions and plenty of chat and banters in between
I don’t know any recording artist/songstress who devotes as much time and love to her fans as she devotes into her music ..
I can’t recall any other musician or singer being so proactive directly with their loyal fans.
Come along and join… all are most welcome."

- Nathan S. from Manchester, UK
"Fifi Rong - so beautiful and true, here music is beyond real it will take care of you.."

- Tosh B. from Los Angeles, USA
"Come, join the Team! You'll find open arms and interesting minds. Here at TEAM FIFINITY we go beyond the music and explore everything from Animals to Zen! Your presence is most welcome!"

- Patrick C. from Texas, USA
"Fifi's music is certainly unique but the interaction in the group is amazing and fun in itself."

- Jorge G. R. from Mexico
"Lovely sister.. hard life.. very glad to know about you... your music is being listened to in Montenegro... can wait to see you here!"

- Nikola R. From Podgorica, Montenegro
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